Porting Code

Let us help you leverage your existing investment by porting your code to a new operating system or library suite. We can create an abstraction layer so your code just works in its new home, modify your code to use an existing abstraction layer, or we can simply reimplement the parts that have dependencies.

Bug Fixing

If you've got buggy code, we can fix it, and provide guidance and affordances to reduce the incidence of bugs in the future.

Extending High Level Languages

Your team is productive using a high level language, but you need access to features only available from C or C++, or indeed another high level language. Be it Java, Perl, Python, Ruby or Lua, we can create the glue to make external functionality a fully integrated part of your software toolkit.


You already have most of what you need in an off-the-shelf application, it’s just missing some key feature. We can implement that feature and incorporate it into your graphics or development workhorse.


If your code works and is feature complete, but is hard to grow or understand, then refactoring may be in order.

Code review

Maybe you're concerned about the quality of some code you've inherited, or you just need a fresh set of eyes on your own code. We can give you an independent assessment and generate a detailed plan to improve or extend it.

Specification Development and Review

Whether you’re simply exploring the scope of a new project, or already have initial technical specifications, we can help. We can manage, participate or simply advise the process of creating rigorous, complete and implementable specifications.

API Development

One of our specialities is the design and implementation of APIs, creating a rich, intuitive vocabulary with which to describe and manage a problem domain. Whether you have existing code that's ugly and awkward to use, or need to move into a new area and want a headstart, we can help you evolve the tools to make your work easier.

GUI Application

Using ZooLib we're able to write a native application that works on Windows, Mac and Linux with only slightly more effort than others might expend to support a single operating system.


If your existing code needs a little extra “oomph”, Electric Magic can provide it. From instruction-level to architecture we can identify wasted effort and provide more efficient algorithms, approaches and code.

  • API Development
  • Bug Fixing
  • Code review
  • Extending High Level Languages
  • GUI Application
  • Optimization
  • Plugins
  • Porting Code
  • Refactoring
  • Specification Development and Review